Department of Physical Education and Sport at the University of Pardubice provides compulsory education and optional physical education in the field of Medical Rescuer. Each PE semester is attended by 2,400 university students in average.

  • Compulsory physical education is determined for first-year bachelor's degree programs FCHT, FEI, DFJP, FF and FES. The subject contents a basic physical education program and specialization in various types of sports games and other forms of exercise. The goal is to expand and improve movement habits, aerobic performance and understanding of the role of PE as a mean of health style life.
  • Voluntary physical education is divided into specific subjects respectively. sports, which primarily enroll students from higher grades. Currently KTS teaches sports such as aerobics, aqua-aerobics, badminton, basketball, hockey, climbing, football, handball, fitness training, swimming, power yoga, squash, tennis, volleyball, indoorcycling and strengthening.
  • Physical education in the field of Medical Rescuer is determined only for students of this medical specialty. Students during their PE studies pass the gymnastics, swimming, athletics, swimming safety, self defense, artificial wall climbing, skiing and scuba diving course.

Further information (about training, schedules, enrollments in IS STAG, etc.) could be found by logging into students´ intranet.